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The Historical Saddle Study Room

Antonio Cipolla’s original project for the Stables included a room – defined in the oldest records “Luxury Saddlery” and subsequently “Luxury Saddle Study Room” – that was used to store rare and valuable equestrian apparel belonging to the House of Savoy or given to them during state visits. The “large walnut showcase with twelve large single-pane windows” was made by Roman-born wood carver and carver Giuseppe Ficini around the middle of 1875.

Among the many objects kept in the Historical Saddlery the most valuable is the horse harness of the carriage used by Napoleon for the crowning of the king of Italy on 26 Many 1805 and the trappings of the horse of the Viceroy of Italy, Eugène de Beauharnais.

The most admirable of the numerous gifts made to the Savoy Royal Family by North African and Middle Eastern sultans and kings include a crimson velvet and gold horse trapping given to Prince Umberto of Savoy by the Bey of Tunis in 1863 along with two flintlock pistols and a cane.

Of special historical importance are the two Prussian cavalry officer harnesses given by Umberto I of Italy when he was appointed honorary colonel of the 13th Hussars cavalry regiment on 8 June 1882 following the signature of the Triple Alliance treaty.

Of great artistic and historical value is also the album containing reproductions of the carriages previously kept in the Royal Stables of Florence by photographers Giuseppe Alvino and Alessio Campa, which was given to Umberto I of Italy in 1885 during a visit to the Royal Stables.