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The Barracks of the Regiment of the Cuirassiers


The Barracks of the Regiment of the Cuirassiers


The "Major Alessandro Negri di Sanfront" Barracks of the Regiment of the Cuirassiers can be visited on Saturday morning (in two tours: 9:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.).

The tour is free of charge. You need to book

The headquarters of the Cuirassiers, the Guard of Honour watching over the security of the President of the Italian Republic, is part of the monastic complex adjacent to the Church of Santa Susanna. It is named after Major Alessandro Negri di Sanfront, the Commander who led the Squadrons of Carabinieri in the historic Charge of Pastrengo during the 1st War of Independence.

Inside the barracks, every day the Cuirassiers train in the different military disciplines necessary to guarantee the safety of the Head of State (shooting, personal defence, riding and escorting techniques, both on foot and in a security vehicle, etc.).

The tour’s itinerary includes the stables and riding ring, the saddlery displaying horse saddles and trappings, the antique motorcycle collection, the Chapel devoted to St. George, the Suit of Armour Gallery displaying historic helmets, suits of armour and the most significant standards and symbols of the Corps of Cuirassiers.

The Barracks of the Cuirassiers