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Notice and instructions for the visit

The Estate is a protected natural wildlife area featuring wild animals (wild boar, deer, roe deer, vipers, etc.) and numerous entomological species (bees, wasps, hornets and horseflies) whose sting could produce adverse body reactions. People affected by pathologies that are incompatible with a visit to a nature park are advised to use insect repellents.

Visiting a protected natural wildlife area requires respect for the local fauna and flora: visitors are kindly requested not to approach wild animals and not to touch or collect elements present in the environment, flowers and specimens of other botanical species.

Visitors must be adequately dressed, use walking shoes or boots suitable for an excursion on a nature trail and wear appropriate sporting outfits; visitors inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to take part in the visit.

The visit can only be carried out along pre-established itineraries and, in consideration of the characteristics of the location and the possibility of coming across wild animals, visitors are prohibited from deviating from the group. In addition, cell phones must be silenced and visitors must avoid producing disturbing noises.

Visitors are advised to carry drinking water. is It is allowed to bring food into the grounds.

Domestic animals are not allowed in the park.

Smoking along the itinerary is firmly forbidden due to the high risk of forest fires.

As in all protected natural wildlife areas, littering is forbidden, also if the waste is biodegradable or organic.