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Security controls

Upon entry a security check will be conducted with each visitor. Use of face masks is mandatory.

Visitors are not allowed to:

  • Bring in suitcases, trolleys, travelling bags, plastic or glass bottles, cans, umbrellas and pointed, sharp or blunt objects;  
  • Take photos or shoot videos;
  • Neither amplification nor radio transmission devices can be used;
  • Deviate from the plotted itinerary;
  • Touch furnishings and works of art;
  • Smoke (including electronic cigarettes).

Pets are not allowed.

It is mandatory to respect the general indications posted.

Access for the differently able

In order to obtain adequate assistance, it is advisable to indicate any impediment or limitation deriving from a disability at the time of booking.

On the tour itinerary, it is possible to use elevators and any other means capable of overcoming architectural barriers.

However, for anyone wanting to cross the garden, paths could represent a hindrance for wheel-chairs and strollers because they are pebbled.

Blind and visually impaired

For the time being, no tactile itineraries are available for the blind and visually impaired.